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Certified translation, literary, economic, scientific, commercial, web sites, etc.

Certified translations have official validity according to the Royal Decree 2555/1977 of 27th August, by means the Regulation of The Office of Language Interpretation of The Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs is passed.

Translated documents by a certified translator have legal effects for official organizations or institutions in Spain and outside, including for universities or other schools where it’s necessary to validate that translation is a faithful copy of original.

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A certified translation is an official translation made by a certified translator who is prepared for delivering a signed and stamped hardcopy of a translation. This is a certified copy of the original document.

This stamp legalizes the copy of the translation.

Certain organizations usually demand certified translation to verify their legal value. Certified translation is also used to support information, given that the translator accepts responsibility for the copy by signing and sealing the document.

Some types of certified translations include: birth certificates, extracts of birth registration certificates, nuptial agreements, divorce papers, death certificates, academic certificates, university certificates, criminal record certificates, agree-ments, powers of attorney, judgments, orders, expert reports, successions…


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Text correction: spelling, grammar, punctuation and composition.


Text revision: translation text correction analysing style, coherence and semantics.*

* In order to do this, we need the original text too.